Arts at Milton

Milton students say that one of their favorite weekend activities is watching their friends perform. Whether it’s harmonizing with the Miltones or Octet a capella groups, choreographing for one of the dance concerts, exhibiting self-portraits in Arts Commons, or playing the title role in Antigone, Milton students are engaged in their art, and art energizes the campus every day.

While music, performance and visual arts have myriad venues outside of the classroom, the work done in the classroom—guided by caring and talented faculty—is the foundation. Milton arts faculty believe that all students can be artists. They believe art is about personal growth and process, and that creative thinking, self-expression, and encountering the challenges of an art form empower students to be creative and confident in all areas of life.

In Milton’s arts program, students experience intense individual attention and coaching along with exhilarating team experiences. They spend hours with dedicated adults who use a wide range of teaching and directing skills, who bring to bear diverse and respected talents, who set the highest standards for students’ performance, and who honor each student’s contribution.

Use the links below to see how Milton students explore the arts:

Photos from the Drawing and Sculpture Show

Video of past performances

Photos from Improv Night 

Photos from Milton’s 1212 Play, Lobby Hero 

Photos from Winter Dance Concert 2024

Speech & Debate


Laughs in King Theatre

Milton’s comedic actors show their talents at Improv Night in King Theatre. Taught by performing arts faculty member Peter Parisi, Improvisation is an advanced drama class that challenges students to think quickly on their feet and create believable characters in surprising situations.

Watch this short clip of Mr. Parisi describing the art of Improv.


Student Art on the Walls

Art shows throughout the year feature work by Milton students. In the Mid-Year and End-of-the-Year Student Art Shows, Milton students exhibit their work in the Arts Commons of the Kellner Performing Arts Center. Student art projects are also showcased in Milton’s Nesto Gallery and viewed on the walls of our academic buildings and Student Center.

Making Art, Using Every Sense

At Milton, art is everywhere, and that creation begins with a course of study incorporating hands-on learning, problem-solving, creativity, and expression. Talented and passionate faculty—accomplished artists in their own right—guide students in traditional, contemporary, and cross-disciplinary means of art-making. Foundational technical skills empower students to think creatively and critically, as they work through many, varied concept-and-design challenges. With introductory and advanced options in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, architecture, sculpture, and ceramics—augmented by technology-based classes in digital imaging, film, and media—students focus on “making and creating” in large, state-of-the-art studio spaces, in Milton’s Art and Media Center. Faculty support both breadth and depth in their students’ learning, eliciting passion and skill in the novice artist, while challenging advanced students with sophisticated and developed artistic abilities. Exhibition is a key part of the visual arts program. Hosting three major student art exhibitions each year, the program is enhanced by the renowned Nesto Gallery, which hosts professional and accomplished artists who also work with students in master classes throughout the year.

Visual Arts Exhibition Schedule