Dare to Be True

“Dare to be true” is not only Milton’s motto. “Dare to be true” describes Milton culture. “Dare to be true” refers to the strong, independent thinkers Milton develops, and our shared idea that being true to who you are and what you believe are critically important.

Adopted in 1898, Milton’s motto resounds in the minds and hearts of today’s students and graduates. Often cited by both faculty and students as the litmus test for word or action, “Dare to be true” not only states a core value, it describes Milton’s culture. Milton believes that a vital and effective community is built on individuals’ self-confidence and shared respect. We do our best to foster an atmosphere of intellectual freedom, and we encourage initiative and the open exchange of ideas. Doing so requires considerable energy. Teaching and learning at Milton Academy are active processes, supported by the recognition of the intelligence, talents and potential of each member of the School. Grounded in values, deeply respectful of diversity, and fully aware of the issues of their time, Milton students graduate fully prepared to continue working to meet their own high expectations in the many venues which follow.

“From Milton, many things have stayed with me — a sense of the importance of social justice, my interest in things that are complex and interdisciplinary, the need to challenge myself and commit to a high standard of work. But especially ‘Dare to be true,’ that simple idea that day after day means so much.  It has really helped me to grow, over the years.”
– Torrey Androski ’98