Residential Life

At Milton, we stay in the same dorm for all four years; it’s allowed me to feel like Hathaway is home and my dorm-mates are family. There’s nothing like sitting on the floor in the hallway after a long day, talking and laughing with people I love.
— Annabelle Stoker
Manhattan Beach, California

A Family at School

As members of Milton’s century-old boarding program, a diverse group of students from 27 states and 30 countries live in nine residential “houses,” including an all-gender house, that are family style and intimate. Lots of fun is had, and lifelong friendships are formed in Milton’s houses, rich with tradition and personality.

Why You’ll Love Living at Milton

  • Family style is best: Milton houses include all four grades, and students live in the same house for their entire time at Milton.
  • Faculty families—complete with children and pets—are connected to every house. Each house faculty member serves as academic and personal advisor to six students in the house.
  • Living with older and younger house “siblings” gives students role models, personal and academic support, and a sense of belonging.
  • New student orientation helps students get to know each other and appreciate cultural differences. It also offers guidance on time management, technology, and campus resources.
  • The student to residential faculty ratio is 4:1. Students have 24-hour access to guidance from adults they know from the classroom, sports, and the arts.
  • Rooming options include singles, doubles, and triples.
  • Houses meet for family-style dinner with the faculty three nights a week.
  • Proctored study halls are held for underclassmen on weeknights.
  • Each house has its own unique traditions like caroling, pumpkin-carving with a sibling house, scavenger hunting in Boston, themed dress-up bowling, playing in ping-pong tournaments, and celebrating birthdays.