Outdoor Program

The mission of the Outdoor Program is twofold: to support students for whom outdoor life is as important as “regular life;” to instill in interested students a lifelong appreciation for the value of our natural environment and the pleasure that it can bring. As part of a diverse group, students learn how to lead and follow with confidence and competence. The Outdoor Program attracts students with the chance to have fun outdoors, learn new skills, and gain confidence meeting new challenges with friends and faculty. New England’s mountains, rivers, quarries and forests are the program’s classrooms. Outdoor education at Milton focuses on excellent preparation and on using the right tools for hiking, climbing or kayaking. Milton boasts an indoor climbing wall. Outdoor gear includes a fleet of eight kayaks, mountaineering boots, rock-climbing shoes, tents, four-season sleeping bags, outdoor cooking equipment, as well harnesses, ropes and other climbing equipment.