Off-Campus Travel

Studying abroad is an integral part of learning languages at Milton Academy and an ideal complement to the classroom experience. With total immersion, students not only build upon the language they have acquired at Milton, but also come face to face with the cultures they have studied in the classroom. In short, students discover the true soul of a country. They gain in confidence and grow in appreciation of another culture. Immersion in a totally different surrounding opens their eyes, and the students assimilate a new way of living and looking at the world. For many, their time aboad is a defining experience in their lives.


French Exchange Program

A four-week school-to-school student exchange program—two weeks in France and two weeks in the U.S.—run by Milton Academy and Lycée Georges Duby, a high school located in Aix-en-Provence.

Spanish Exchange Program

An eight-week school-to-school student exchange program—four weeks in Spain and four weeks in the U.S.—run by Milton Academy and Colegio El Pilar, a private school located in Madrid.

Taiwan Program

A two-week culture and language immersion program in Taiwan run by Milton Academy.

Japan Exchange Program

A three-week cultural exchange program—two weeks in Japan and one week in the U.S.—run by Milton Academy and Meikei High School, one of Japan’s premiere independent 7–12 academies.

School Year Abroad (SYA)

Milton Academy is a member school of the SYA consortium, which sends students to study abroad for either one semester, or the entirety of their Class II year. Location options include Rennes, France; Viterbo, Italy; or Zaragoza, Spain.


Other Off-Campus Travel

The Mountain School provides a one-semester opportunity for Class II students to continue their academic program while living on a working farm in Vershire, Vermont. The social experience of a closely-knit boarding community, combined with the school’s spectacular setting and superb faculty, ensure an extraordinary experience for all who attend. The Mountain School is a Milton Academy program that draws students from the Academy as well as from a number of other independent schools. The academic curriculum offered coincides with many of the courses offered at Milton. Typically, between eight and ten Milton Academy students are selected by the Mountain School to participate in the program.

The Maine Coast Semester, “Chewonki” is a one-semester opportunity for Class II students to continue their academic program while living on a 400-acre peninsula on the Maine coast. The campus, surrounded by a tidal estuary, provides a beautiful setting of pasture and pine forest in which to explore the relationship between people and the environment. Milton Academy gives graduation credit for Chewonki courses. The academic curriculum offered by Chewonki coincides with many of the courses offered at Milton Academy.

Milton’s Outdoor Program is running a week-long spring break trip open to any student in Class I–IV to Belize to partake in outdoor sports, culture visits, and experiential learning.

Milton’s History & Social Science Department is sponsoring an almost two-week long spring break trip to Morocco for cultural immersion and experiential learning.

Milton’s Classics Department is sponsoring a spring break trip to Greece to tour archeological sites, view artifacts, and learn about modern Greek culture.

Milton’s Visual Arts Department is taking students to New York City during the first week of spring break to collaborate with professional artist Sara Egan at her studio in Brooklyn, as she designs three commissioned pieces for Milton’s new Farokhzad Math Center, which is set to open in fall 2024.

Milton’s Community Engagement Programs & Partnerships (CEPP) runs an annual trip to Puerto Rico for students grades I-IV to assist with locally-run non-profits involved with child development, sustainable agriculture, and eco-tourism.

Every other year, Milton’s Jazz Program travels to South Africa.

Milton sends a number of students to the annual NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), which was hosted in St. Louis, Missouri, this year.

Over spring break, many spring athletics teams travel to Florida and California for training. This summer, members of the girls’ soccer team will travel to Spain as a team for training.

In recent years, our Model UN, Robotics, and Speech & Debate teams have traveled across the US for tournaments.