The Milton Day


Days at Milton are full. Classes are exciting and the discussion that starts around the Harkness table continues out of class. The occasional free period during the class day is a great time to talk with friends, get work done, grab a snack in the Schwarz Student Center or check on a project. After classes, the wide world of Milton’s activities and organizations opens up. Students may have an athletic practice every day until dinner, or they may get involved in theatre tech or a publication or community service. Three times each week students have “sit-down”— short-hand for dinner with their housemates and house faculty. Day students come to dinner, too, when they’re staying on campus for activities. The fast-paced Milton day helps you learn to manage your time, follow through on responsibilities, get work done, and have fun with friends.


Play, or watch and cheer at athletic contests; perform or watch your friends perform in King Theatre; read your poem at the Beatnik Café; work out at the fitness center; sit around talking in the Schwarz Student Center; hike, rock climb, or kayak with the Outdoor Program; bake cookies and watch a movie with your housemates; play pickup basketball or Frisbee; sleep in and then go to brunch; visit friends’ rooms and listen to music; meet your friends at a dance; catch a game in Boston; watch a college comedy improv group at a dorm open house; get to know someone you don’t know well yet; relax and laugh.

My weekends at Milton are usually occupied by a sporting event whether I’m competing in a sport or cheering on classmates when I’m out of season. I really think these sporting events help build the sense of community at Milton. I also enjoy SAA (Student Activities Association) activities when they are hosting something exciting. One of my favorites is Dance Concert. It’s a very engaging event to show support to a range of classmates who end up participating in the show.
—Jake Holtschlag, Hingham, Massachusetts