The popular Beatnik Café—an evening of live entertainment, for and by the students—has grown since  1996. Eagerly anticipated by students, and fondly remembered by  grads, Beatnik always draws a full house.

Three times a year, students pack Straus Library, lounging on couches and beanbag chairs, feet dangling between rails of the second floor balcony, to see their classmates’ artistic talents. Music of all kinds—classic guitar, rap, rock, hip hop, acoustic—along with original poetry readings and improv comedy round out the night’s performances. Though most of the acts are by students, faculty members occasionally get in on the action, delighting with skills on the guitar, the piano or vocals.

Beatnik shares the music and mood of a coffee house; it’s hosted  by the board of Magus/Mabus, Milton’s literary magazine. One former Magus board member says, “Any event that taps into the vast supply of talent among Milton’s students  is going to be great, but Beatnik is unique because of its relaxed atmosphere. The emphasis is on having a good time, not putting on the best performance. There is always plenty of food, couches and friends to go around.”

View photos from the Beatnik Café.