More than 60 student dancers show their energy and creativity on stage in the Winter Dance Concert. Student choreographers begin work mid-autumn: preparing dance pieces, submitting proposals to director and dance teacher Kelli Edwards, auditioning and choosing dancers, rehearsing.

Watch this short video clip of student-led rehearsals in the dance studio, or view photos from the Dance Concert performance in King Theatre.

Performing Arts at Milton

Performing arts classes at Milton are grounded in collaboration and respect. Students and faculty learn together—by coming up with an idea, testing it, getting feedback, adapting, and trying again. This iterative “learning by doing”means that risk-taking is part of the plan. The ultimate goal is to share the art—acting, drama, dance, speech, design for the theatre—and to perfect the performance (in class and in rehearsal), students learn to trust one another. Faculty—skilled professionals in their field—model the work they want their students to take on, tapping into creativity and imagination, willing to fail and accept honest feedback. They create safe and exciting places—on stages and in studios—for students to take their love of performance to the highest level, or to try something new for the very first time.

Storytelling through performance takes many forms, both in and out of the classroom at Milton. Staging at least ten major productions each year including major ensemble musicals, the traditional Class IV Play, the beloved 1212 productions, the favorite Winter Dance Concert, and Improv Night—Milton offers myriad opportunities for students to test their acting, dancing, directing, or theatre design skills, and grow over theirMilton years.

Students also take advantage of the time-honored and nationally recognizedMilton speech and debate programs—learning the fundamentals of performance, literary interpretation, public address, and debate, all as part of a supportive team. Performing in tournaments around the country,Milton “speechies” earn awards ranging from individual state and national championships to team honors.