During the chilly, short December days everyone welcomes the Winter Concerts, a treasured tradition at Milton. Orchestras and vocal groups practice in the Kellner Performing Arts Center.

Performing is the Key

Students come to Milton with a broad range of musical experience, interest, and talent. Regardless of level or prior exposure, Milton students learn to love and appreciate music— and to become skilled in the art—through performance. Whether in orchestra or jazz, Glee Club or a capella, Milton faculty understand that music is meant to be heard. Students develop the skills of making music through learning a wide variety of pieces and sharing them with an audience. Exposure to many different composers and artists and practicing those pieces not only strengthens technical skills like chord progressions, but it helps students build a greater appreciation for the music, deeper interest, and remarkable skill over time.

Music is all around at Milton—in morning assembly performances by one of Milton’s many a capella groups; at the annual spirit rally, where the talented jazz combos lead us off; at the favorite Gospel Choir assembly each spring, which gets everyone out of their chairs. Opportunities beyond campus are rich, and many students take advantage of spring break tours—to South Africa with the jazz program, or on a European tour with the Chamber Singers and Chamber Orchestra.On those trips, students often perform music in the very place it was composed—a particularly meaningful way of connecting with the art. Talented Milton musicians also take advantage of nearby resources of Boston—the New England Conservatory and the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras—to further their skills and expand their cultural experience. Whatever your interest, whatever your groove, you can make it happen at Milton.