Milton’s 1212 Plays began over 35 years ago in Room 1212 of Warren Hall. The performances evolved from simple play readings to fully staged productions under the direction of former faculty member Nina Seidenman. When renovation changed Room 1212,  the 1212 productions relocated to Wigg Hall, and when renovation changed Wigg Hall, the performances moved to the Studio Theatre in the Kellner Performing Arts Center. And, while the space has changed, the philosophy continues: intimate productions with small casts, minimal technical demands, and challenging material for both actors and audience.

View photos from the 1212 Play, Lobby Hero.

Opportunities in Performing Arts

Performing arts faculty at Milton help students tap into their own creativity and imagination. Courses in performance, theory, and design are much like laboratories where students can experiment, take risks, and explore their own abilities. Classes include students from all grades with varying degrees of experience. The hands-on, group-centered environment of the classroom prepares students for success in the varied extracurricular opportunities here. Four main stage productions, two dance concerts, and three studio plays give students an opportunity to hone their skills in performance, direction, choreography, design, and technical theatre in a dynamic production environment.