Tomica Burke ’01

tomica-burkeTomica Burke is the creative director and head chef of TomCookery, a New York-based catering company that specializes in authentic Southern and Caribbean cuisine. In addition to catering, she teaches cooking classes and manages the popular TomCookery blog.

“I am a lawyer by trade, and the law is a jealous lover. It has been quite the tenuous balancing act. During my third year of law school, I started taking classes at the Institute for Culinary Education to refine my craft. I entertained my friends at my home, and occasionally catered parties. Once I started practicing law, however, it became harder to host parties and cater for friends. I got an opportunity to help a New York-based caterer for his holiday busy season. After working at the firm during the day, I met him in the evenings to do parties. I was living a double life, but it was exhilarating! When I received my first check from him, I realized that I could cook for a living. I may not make as much as I made as a lawyer, but I knew I could survive.”

— from an interview with Jackie Stewart on the culture/fashion blog,
A*cute (, February 13, 2013