Trevor Prophet ’07

Trevor-ProphetAfter graduating as a two-time All-Region soccer player at Connecticut College, Trevor Prophet interned with Grassroot Soccer, a nonprofit that uses the game of soccer to educate and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV.

Any way you break it down, testing is scary. My result came back negative and I got to calmly walk out of the gazebo and go back to running the tournament. I was outwardly relaxed, happy to be negative, while my head was still going 1,000 miles per hour. Would I walk this calmly if I tested positive? Will people ask me what my result was? That’s a pretty personal thing to reveal regardless of me testing positive or negative. Me answering a question like that would pressure others to make their results known. I don’t want that. Chances are high that some people are HIV positive at this event, maybe even a couple of the kids playing in the tournament. Damn that sucks.

— from “Can I Kick It?”, the personal blog site maintained by Trevor Prophet during his 17 months working for Grassroot Soccer in Kimberley, South Africa